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Review of Run the World Conference 2018



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After a couple of years debating whether to go or not, I decided to attend the Run the World Female Entrepreneurs Conference held by the League of Extraordinary Women.  I’m happy to report that I’m glad I went and won’t be hesitating to go again.

It was the ninth annual conference showcasing Australia’s leading, plus up and coming female entrepreneurs.  The conference is aimed towards women entrepreneurs, women in business and women thinking about starting a side hustle.

The theme for the day was Manifestation.  I understood this to be something very much like the Law of Attraction where you intentionally create what you want whether it is health, wealth, love or possessions.  That whatever you are constantly thinking about, is what will happen.  This might be a popular point of view, yet it was interesting to see that it was and felt different for each individual speaker. It made for some interesting points of view!

The line up of speakers was inspiring, each with very different and amazing stories to tell, a couple even brought tears to my eyes.  There were representatives from the Health and Fitness industry through to Art and Fashion plus Beauty and Editorial.  A common word of advice to the captivated audience when talking about their success was how important it is to know your numbers. 

That word of advice immediately grabbed my attention as being an accountant we are constantly preaching this to whoever will listen. It felt good that my profession was pointed out as having helped them on their journey to success.  It was noted on more than one occasion that you need to know how much your goods and services cost, how much finance you might need, your turnover etc or you won’t be able to run the business successfully as you need to turn a profit to keep going.

Who is the League of Extraordinary Women?

It is a group of like-minded women running businesses from a passion within to create, grow and build their dreams and change the world in their unique way.  All of them have a story to tell and experiences to share with the community which help inspire you to continue your own journey.

Its about going after what you truly want and making it happen.

For those interested the speakers for the day were:

Lola Berry - Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher. She was very down to earth and blunt which was refreshing.

Donna Guest – Founder & CEO Blue Illusion.  Quietly spoken yet frank in her successes and failures.

Kate Weiss – Co Founder of Table of Plenty.  A story that goes to your heart and shows anything can be accomplished.

Catherine Wills – Founder of Sans Beast.  Inspiring and true to her values.

Erica Geraerts – Founder of Fluff.  Simply amazing and a great role model for young girls.

Louise Bannister – Editorial Director, Lunch Lady. Lessons about having those tricky conversations, a point we could all take on board.

Em Carey – Artist and Founder EM Carey Designs.  Absolutely amazing story and will have you in tears and a great example of taking what you have and making the most of it.

Yeojin Bae – Fashion Director.  What a stunning dress, by the end of her segment we all wanted to go out and buy her clothes.

Kayla Itsines – Founder Sweat.  For a ‘Time top 25 most influential person on the internet’, she was very sweet and very much into her craft as rather than being an influencer.

Next event is happening in Brisbane April 6th check it out! https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/run-the-world-female-entrepreneur-conference-brisbane-2019-tickets-50151464380

Amanda Cumberbatch